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In 2013 a bunch of makers and designers came together to create something new and to follow their passion. The result was an artist collective named Trafo Pop which set a new trend by cycling around Berlin dressed in self-made LED biker jackets. Among them: Thomas Gnahm who started Wear It Festival in 2014. Ever since he has established a wearable community meetup group of over 900 members within Berlin. The community frequently meets at different hosts and venues. www.wearit-berlin.com

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to Mar 28

WearRAcon 19

Join wearable robotics professionals and entrepreneurs from industry, academia, and government at WearRAcon 19. The annual event brings together more than 200 attendees from across the globe, to hear cutting-edge presentations, see robotics demonstrations, participate in the Innovation Competition and network with those creating and using wearable robotic devices.

Contact conference@wearablerobotics.com for more information and visit the Wearable Robotics Association Website

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Exoskeletons and Soft Wearable Robotics Day

The XoSoft consortium will be hosting a one-day Exoskeletons and Soft Wearable Robotics Day. The event will feature live demonstrations of multiple exoskeletons and prototypes in action, keynote talks held by experts in the field of wearable robotics and pitches from five EU funded wearable robotics projects. Stakeholders from industry and academia will be present and eager to discuss potential opportunities. Registration: https://www.xosoft.eu/clusterday.html

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to Oct 24


EXO Berlin provides a platform exclusively focused on exoskeleton and human augmentation technologies in the field of industrial, medical, military and commercial fields. Manufacturers, technical designers, system integrators and service providers from industrial and academic are invited to join this meeting to get a comprehensive overview of the latest innovations and technologies. If you build or supply Exoskeletons, Wearable Robotics, Robotic prosthetics, Electromechanical systems, Materials & components and design and mathematics, EXO Berlin is where you can connect with professionals from the entire supply chain which is fully committed to push the limits of human performance.

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to Oct 20

The International Symposium on Wearable Robotics

Researchers and innovators from all around the world will discuss novel approaches, challenges and potential solutions in technologies for wearable robots. The symposium will enclose presentations and discussions in various fields such as: supporting solutions for healthy ageing, advanced therapeutic treatments of neurological diseases, space applications or assistive technologies in the industry. Demonstrations and exhibitions of reference technologies in the field will also take place.

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