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Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO

How will people live and work in the future? Asking this and similar questions, researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO apply their findings in practice to achieve concrete results. Our experts shape the interaction between humans, technology and organization with a view to the whole, keeping each customer’s specific needs in mind. We help companies and institutions recognize the potential of new technologies, harness them for profit, and open up attractive future markets. 


Bioservo Technologies

Bioservo Technologies is a Swedish technology and development company that combines medical science with modern robotics. The company has a leading global position within soft exoskeleton technology, wearable non-invasive products, for people in need of extra power to support the body's endurance and performance, or for people with reduced muscular strength.

After many years of research and development, Bioservo Technologies now focuses on the commercialization of its products and patented technologies. The developed gloves are well suited for both rehabilitation within health and medical care as well as preventively for professionals in the industry. The company has signed strategic cooperation agreements with several multinational companies within e.g. the automobile, aircraft as well as the construction and infrastructure industry.


German Bionic

German Bionic, headquartered in Augsburg with offices in Berlin and Tokyo, is a German manufacturer developing and manufacturing exoskeletons for use in industrial production. Exoskeletons are human-machine systems that combine human intelligence and machine power, thereby enabling individuals to gain increased strength and endurance. German Bionic is one of the world’s leading robotics companies focusing on humans in Industry 4.0.

The active-assistive exoskeleton German Bionic Cray X was specially designed for people manually handling goods and tools, in collaboration with leading ergonomists. Working with its wearer, it reduces compression pressure in the lower back area when lifting heavy loads, thus preventing accidents at work and musculoskeletal injuries. The German Bionic Cray X uses leading innovative micromechanical components and an ultralight ergonomic carrying system.



Skelex designs, produces and markets custom exoskeleton solutions for large scale manufacturing companies. Their products empower workers in aerospace manufacturing, shipbuilding and heavy manufacturing to be more productive while minimizing the risk for ergonomic injuries. The Skelex technology offers the wearer a weightless feeling in the arms, resulting in a proven reduction in muscle activity and fatigue. 



The ITURRI GmbH, located in Cologne, Germany is part of the ITURRI Group, an international provider of technology and services for the field of safety. After more than 70 years in the market, the company is managed by Juan and Javier Iturri from the Head Quarter in Seville, Spain. 1200 employees at 25 locations, care about the improvement of safety of their clients. With own production facilities for fire-fighting trucks, footwear, technical garments and fall protection, but also as wholesaler and service provider, ITURRI does offer a wide range of solutions. In 2016, ITURRI started their platform of exoskeleton solutions, to offer a reduction of fatigue and physical stress.


Levitate Technologies

Levitate Technologies works tirelessly to develop solutions that improve life for workers, and improve the bottom line for companies. Our flagship product – The AIRFRAME™ – is successfully reducing stress and fatigue for skilled workers at major manufacturers around the world, including BMW, John Deere and Toyota. The early results suggest that the AIRFRAME™ is poised to lead a sea of change in the way health and safety are managed in the workplace.

The Levitate AIRFRAME™ is a wearable, lightweight technology engineered to improve upper extremity musculoskeletal health in professionals and skilled trade workers who engage in repetitive arm motion and/or static elevation of the arms. The AIRFRAME™ lowers exertion levels by up to 80% – keeping workers healthier and more productive, while mitigating healthcare and disability costs. 


Betterguards Technology GmbH

The Berlin-based start-up Betterguards Technology GmbH develops and produces "safety belts" for human joints. The company has set itself the goal to banish joint injuries into history books. For this goal Betterguards has developed a smart solution that combines the protection of rigid products and the freedom of motion of flexible supports. The innovative Betterguards System only effects in case of sudden impact, such as spraining - and this faster than the muscle´s reaction time. At this time the system has an even better protective effect than a rigid orthosis. During normal activities, however, the intelligent mechanism guarantees a natural freedom of motion and thus allows the human musculoskeletal system to perform in its original way.

The Betterguards System can be integrated as a component into supports, shoes or gloves and help to protect people from joint injuries during their leisure and work.

Betterguards was founded by Vinzenz Bichler, Max Müseler and Timo Stumper from the Technical University (TU) in Berlin and currently consists of fourteen employees. It is based in the Charlottenburg Innovation Center (CHIC). The production site with semi-automated production is located close to Berlin at the “Technologypark Hennigsdorf” in Brandenburg. The company is financed and supported by the fund company BFB Brandenburg Kapital GmbH, the so called Brückenköpfe GmbH and experienced Business Angels. It has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 (2015).



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